About Us

Historical overview

Diyaruna was established as an independent initiative resulting from youth experiences working in the social, cultural and media field since 2010, which resulted in the “Diyarna” association, which means the home in which the individual acquires the best sound practices based on safety, cooperation and awareness of rights, responsibility and production. It targets youth and women to open spaces Free to be partners, supporters and true leaders of the process of change and the advancement of society in the camps and marginalized areas.

Our vision

A society aware of its rights and responsibilities. A productive society free of violence.

Mission message

Dyaruna is a non-governmental organization founded in 2010 that targets young men and women, women and their foster community. The association works to preserve the Palestinian cultural heritage, promote cultural exchange, and empower the role of youth and women in society.

Moral values

From the foundations of our values:

  • Participation and volunteer work
  • Preserving the cultural heritage
  • Appreciation of difference from discrimination
  • Enable errors to advance themselves .